I wasn’t built for taking orders, nor am l keen on the responsibility of telling a next someone what to do…..being ‘a boss’…..

Being a Sagittarian Tiger female, it doesn’t matter how much l wanted to please my guardians, I never seemed to be able too. An independent fire cracker is what I always was and there was an undertone of uneasy apprehension when I was ‘in care’, with an anxious anticipation of the next calamity I would get myself into and some waiting for me to fall again. So it was with a sigh of relief (on both sides) when I got married and was someone else’s responsibility, but for me I never was someone else’s responsibility (in my head) I was independent and resented being herded like a sheep and just couldn’t be told, and even if I tried, and I did, I invariably failed, l just was never cut out to conform. So Hazel (my foster mother) devised a trick where by she would tell me the opposite to what she wanted me to do and then I would do the reverse….. I’m not sure how successful this was, as I was a smart cookie, and would be very happy to do as l liked, so in fact this was not the reality…..I was very much under heavy manners!

I excel when left to my own devices….I’m a big believer in autonomy, but also in co-operation and respect, people pulling together on an equal footing to get things done. To get this right in any situation, be it a relationship or project, work or play is a most difficult thing to do, as someone always has to try to dominate the situation, or someone shifts the responsibility onto someone else.

This is my stance in life, the quality of being independent, free and self-directing and why I hate politics….It simply doesn’t work !

There is only one thing that will train the human mind and that is the voluntary use of the mind by the individual themselves.

You can aid them,

You may guide them,

You may suggest to them,

You may even inspire them!

But the only thing worth having is that which they get by their own exertion, and what they get is in direct proportion to what they put in.


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