Why Post Modern Cinderella?

Well it’s not that I don’t believe in happy ever after, but I don’t think it’s a given. My story has much of the ‘Cinderella’ about it, my mother died when I was three and a half and my father took up with a wicked woman who bewitched him……They married while I was in hospital with acute appendicitis! I didn’t have the ugly stepsisters, but I did have a cruel stepbrother, who was nearly as evil as his mother. My stepmother tried to get me committed…..l was declared ‘normal’, but she was declared pathologically jealous of me.

….So the Psychiatrist declared her pathologically jealous and wouldn’t let me back into such a disturbed home, so she got her way by default and I was taken into care. You might say that my father wasn’t to blame, that he was just weak and feeble and that it was all her fault…….?

In this blog I will try to tell my story….

And Also, how, after 55 years my family, both on my mum’s side (through Facebook) and on my dad’s side (through the Salvation Army via my pension) found me within one week of each other !!! Almost unbelievable, but true!


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