A Little Early History……

I was born Gillian Ann Boulton in Ash vale, Surrey, well strictly speaking the nearest maternity home (Farley House, Farnborough) on December 18th 1950. At this time my parents lived with my mum’s mum & dad – Nan Minnie May and Granddad, their adopted son, Tony,  who was actually their grandson, (but that’s another story) my mum’s sister; Lillian, her husband and their son – my cousin Mick….Oh and my Uncle Ron; my mum’s younger brother! Quite a crowded house, and just a two up and two down!Image   This is the house we all lived in…….4, Arthur Cottages, Frimley Road, Ash Vale, Surrey. This pic. was taken by my cousin, Wendy when she visited here a year ago, she was brought up and lives in Australia……..Apparently the house was being ‘done up’ and looked a little different without it’s fence etc. The family haven’t owned it for many, many years.

My Auntie Lil, Uncle Dougie  and my cousin Mick moved down the road to Longacre Estate not long after l was born and my mum, dad and me joined them soon after. My Nan continued to look after me, as my mum worked, first at the pill factory, then she joined her sisters at the laundry. Apparently me and Mick used to bunk off school and sneak to Nan’s for something to eat! Ah Nan’s syrup roly poly pudding……Yum yum! She used to let me help her make it…….I loved my Nan and the feeling was mutual.








I would think this picture was taken around the time of my mum’s death, maybe just before? I was three and a half when my mother died. As far as l know this is the only picture of my Nan with any of her grandchildren, l know she doted on me, because my cousin told me, and of all the people in my life l left behind the memory of her was the strongest. I think I really look like my Nan Minnie May in this photo.



This picture was taken at the same time, probably by my granddad, he was a nice man too.




My first photo – This picture has been all over, it was sent to me by Tony, my real cousin, who took it with him to Australia, where he emigrated in 1972. Tony was my nan’s adopted son, which then made him my uncle, but he should have been my brother. Let me explain…..When my nan found out l was put into care she search for me, she wanted to adopt me too, it broke her heart, first she lost my mum, then she lost me. So really he’s my brother.……..
l remembered that my Nan Minnie May had a cat and l dressed this cat up in little clothes, maybe baby or dollies clothes, l loved it, although if l did this today l would probably be arrested by the animal police! 
l think l was thoroughly spoilt ha ha. l remember being happy, also there was some kind of fir or pine trees near to Nan’s and l have always really loved that smell….because of happy memories l expect……I’ve been told more than once that my Nan doted on me.
My first school was Ash Vale Primary School, it was opposite Arthur Cottages.  My cousins and I all went to this school…..  This is a photo of the celebration of the Queen’s coronation and it was held in Ash Vale Primary School. About a 100 children attended the tea party. 

My mum and my family were very happy. My mother’s death started the spiral of events that would change all of their/our lives forever………..

My mum was born on the 8th May 1929 and died on the 29th May, 1954.  She was just 25 years. She left a loving family and was sorely missed. She had a little girl, Gillian, just three years old.


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